[[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]]Reprinted with permission from Uppity Wisconsin - written by WaterWarriors

Lynn Utesch and David Gorski are two environmental activists seeking to knock off Republican incumbents this November.

The veteran and small farmer, Utesch, and former wrestling champion and counselor, Gorski, are fronting, in effect, for 1,000s of citizens fighting for clean and safe water of their communities.

The stakes could not be higher as two recreational and tourism regions seek to promote their communities on one hand, and on the other hand warn about the catastrophic effects of planned and existing Confined Agricultural Feeding Operations, (CAFOs), destroying these very communities.

How to you say, 'come to Door County and Rome Wisconsin, but don't drink the water'?

The two Republicans incumbents, Joel Kitchens and Scott Krug, are well-paid for their efforts run with the Republican legislative leadership and Gov. Scott Walker. The realization that Kitchens and Krug have abandoned their communities to Big Ag and repeatedly lied about it has caused reactions ranging from rage to dejection.

It didn't take much for Republicans to sell out families for perceived political, short-term advantage.

When was clean water forsaken?

Assembly District One - Lynn Utesch Challenges Republican, the Polluters' Lobby

"We have seen a degradation in the conservation ethic that has taken place here in the state of Wisconsin. It is time that we start working to restore what was given to us by John Muir, Aldo Leopold and Gaylord Nelson," said Utesch in announcing his bid this winter, (Yancey of the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin (link is external)).

Families in the northeastern Wisconsin district just want to be able to bathe their children in water without worrying the experience will put a child in the hospital. For many households in Assembly District One, drinking water from the faucet is no longer an option.

Utesch's many friends in the district seethe as State Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) works with Republicans and polluters, and then postures as an environmentalist.

Joel Kitchens will not outwork Lynn Utesch and clean water activists.

Kitchens wants to hang on to his Party's assembly seat.

Lynn Utesch and clean water activists are fighting for the lifeblood of their communties.
http://lynnuteschforassembly.com/ (link is external)

Coming Monday: Assembly District 72 - David Gorski Challenges Republican, the Polluters' Lobby

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