Warren Petryk to retire, Nickolas Butler will run for seat

State Representative Warren Petryk

In a press release this morning, State Senator Warren Petryk (R- Town of Washington) announced that he will not run for re-election this year. Petryk represents the 93rd Assembly District, which was recently re-drawn as part of the state legislative district map changes. 

State Representative Warren

24 Wisconsin news organizations partner for a national convention first

Matthew DeFour, Wisconsin Watch’s statehouse bureau chief, watches the April 8, 2024, eclipse outside the Miller High Life Theatre in downtown Milwaukee. (Jack Kelly / Wisconsin Watch)

When the Republican National Convention comes to Milwaukee in July, some 50,000 people including thousands of reporters from around the world will get a front-row seat to the kickoff of another pivotal and tumultuous election season

Jeff Smith - The People’s Work Undone

State Senator Jeff Smith

Last Tuesday the 2nd of April was the spring election. It was clear based on the referenda questions on ballots throughout Wisconsin that something isn’t right. Headlines throughout the past year proclaimed Wisconsin had a record surplus, but our ballots painted a different story of our state’s

Dunn County Election Returns

ballot box

Returns are still coming in in Dunn County but we do have some final unofficial totals to report:

Dunn County Board Races:

District 1

Tim Lauffer 254 (uncontested)

District 2 

 Patrick John Breslin   239
Heather Seburn 155

District 3

Vaughn Hedlund 286 (uncontested)

District 4

Ronald P. Score 201 (uncontested

Election morning roundup

Meagan Wolfe

There have been no significant election issues so far today according to Meagan Wolfe of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. They are keeping an eye on the possible bad weather coming in some parts of the state.

She reminded voters that they must be in line by 8 PM to vote and must have an acceptable

Time to vote on Tuesday

ballot box

It is election time in Wisconsin on Tuesday. You may have questions, and we will try to answer them.

Where do I vote?

You can see where your polling place is by going to the State Election Commission website at myvote.wi.gov.

What is on my ballot?

In general, you will be voting in the primary for