Andrew Mercil

Legislative Maps

Andrew Mercil explains the new legislative maps in Wisconsin
One of the many springs where ground water out flows to form the head waters of Wilson Creek. The current flow is lower than normal due to the extended drought.  The lack of snow cover and subsequent snow melt means much of the seasonal recharging of the water table will not occur.  Surface waters and shallow wells will have less water this summer.

Red Cedar Conference goes underground

Red Cedar Conference goes underground
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources contacted Weiss Family Farms in Durand, Wis., after the dairy operation spread solid manure on a field the week prior. A machine learning model developed by researchers at Stanford University’s Regulation, Evaluation and Governance Lab initially flagged Weiss’ field, shown here, to the state agency as an area where manure was spread during prohibited winter months. (Courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)


How AI and satellites can detect illegal manure spreading in Wisconsin
Sofia Morin embellishes her fashion designs by leather tooling accessories. Photo by Rachel Hallgrimson.

Stout Fashion Design

Stout Fashion Design Seniors show their stuff
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