Come join us for a meeting to plan the next steps for Wis.Community. The platform is up and has been functioning for some time, but I want to know what can be done to make this more useful to communities throughout the state.  Bring your ideas, suggestions, questions, and complaints. In this time of fake news, political polarization, and silos of community members who are not talking to each other, Wis.Community could help to bridge gaps between different groups and communities. But I need your feedback. And I would like to have a discussion about the future of the site - perhaps including spinning it off into a nonprofit or other organization.

The meeting will be May 3, 6:30 PM at Lazy Monk Brewing. I'll provide free beer and pizza - well, at least as long as the free beer and pizza lasts. 

We'll also have a discussion about things that community members can do to help the site grow. This includes people who might want to serve as:

  • Community Editors
  • Writers - either on a particular topic, or in your own blog
  • Photographers
  • Videographers - video is really in play on the site, and I currently have a plan to produce more government transparency by having teams to video or audio record local government meetings, forums, etc.
  • Advertising sales and sponsorships - imagine if people in the community were willing to help support a community effort by advertising with us. And it would let us start to pay contributors for their work.
  • Design folks - help to pretty up what is currently a fairly drab site.

But most importantly - show up. A lot of the progress in the world happens because people actually show up and participate.

If you are planning on attending it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out the registration form at the link below.

More info at…

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Steve Hanson

Steve is a web designer and recently retired from running the hosting and development company Cruiskeen Consulting LLC. Cruiskeen Consulting LLC is the parent company of Wis.Community, and publication of this site continues after his retirement.

Steve is a member of LION Publishers and the Local Media Consortium, is active in Health Dunn Right, and is vice-president of the League of Women Voters of the greater Chippewa Valley

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