VP Pence has just welcomed the House members back into session.

The Washington Post reports that the unnamed woman who was shot today in the US Capitol has died. The House is returning to the chambers and Washington DC is currently under a curfew. 

President Trump makes an address asking protesters to go home, but repeating false claims that the election was stolen. He has also attacked Vice President Trump on Twitter for not overturning the Electoral College vote . 


More police are arriving on the scene and reportedly Virginia is sending National Guard troops to the capitol.

The DC mayor has declared a curfew starting at 6 PM.

Protesters are attempting to breach the doors of the capitol building with force. Current reports are that they have broken into the capitol building. Many buildings are being evacuated through underground tunnels. It has been reported that Vice President Pence has been removed for safety reasons. The 3rd feed here is the President's speech to the protesters and the fourth feed is coverage of the protesters at the capitol. 

Both houses have now adjourned for safety. It will be a very long day at this rate.

Vice President Pence has announced that he will not reject the Electoral College votes, but it is now believed that the debate in both houses will likely run through the evening. 

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