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We will be providing coverage of election results tonight, attempting to concentrate on results of concern to those in Western Wisconsin. 

Currently, most of the returns have been counted in Eau Claire County (which reports approximately a 21%  turnout of registered voters). Ron Kind has been declared the winner in the District 3 Democratic primary by the Associated Press, and he currently has 82% of the vote as opposed to the 18% held by his opponent, Mark Neumann. This is not surprising considering the very heavy support Kind has always had in his district. Approximately 32% of the precincts have reported in this race. On the Republican side in that race, the victory has been called for Derrick Van Orden, who currently holds 66% of the votes against opponent Jessi Ebben.

In District 6, WPR has declared Jessica King the winner in the Democratic primary. 

Kelda Roys has won the State Senate District 26 Democratic primary in a large field of contestants (six other candidates) with 40% of the vote.

In an unsurprising election, Lisa Subeck has won the State Assembly District 78 Democratic primary with 91% of the vote against her opponent Rob Slamka (93% of districts reporting).

The Republican Primary for Assembly District 29 remains too close to call. Clint Moses has suddenly pulled from third to first place recently with 97% of precincts reporting: The winner of this election will face John Rocco Calabrese in the general election.

  Clint Moses (R) 2,253 37%   Neil Kline (R) 1,977 33%   Ryan Sherley (R) 1,789 30%

Although none of the wire services have called it, it appears that Rob Stafsholt will win the Republican primary for Assembly DIstrict 60 since 99% of the precincts have reported, and Stafshold has 65% of the vote as opposed to Cherie Link's 35%.

We will be including stories about the election from around the web below.

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