We appreciate and stand in solidarity with our Asian Americans and Pacific Islander friends and neighbors. We condemn anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander racism, hate crimes, and violence. We acknowledge both the interpersonal and structural racism and violence our Asian American and Pacific Islander community members face in their daily lives and we stand with them.

We acknowledge that many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in our community are fearful and may not feel a sense of safety. We want you to know that in Menomonie, there are people who respect, appreciate and support the presence and contributions of Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals and families.

We encourage the entire community to support our Asian American and Pacific Islander friends and neighbors with affirmation and acts of kindness and by calling out inappropriate behavior or instances of violence if/when we witness them.


Menomonie Cares

Working for a safe, welcoming and inclusive community



Bonnie and Bill DeHoff

Joshua James Gibson

Kate Hearth

Renee Howarton

Marion Lang and Warren Lang

Leni Marshall

Angie Mcilquham

Karen Miller

Dan Paulson

Mary Riordan

Kathleen Remund

Vickie Sanchez

Wendy Slaback

David Williams

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