MENOMONIE, WI (May 2023) – The City of Menomonie will be hosting an Electronics Collection for city residents on Thursday, June 1, 2023 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the City of Menomonie Community Services Department Shop (621 11th Ave W/Hwy 29). The City is partnering with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, a registered Wisconsin E-Cycle electronics recycler, to offer a free electronic recycling event. The following electronic items will be accepted for free: flat screen and tube TVs, projection and wood console TVs, flat screen and tube monitors, desktop computer towers, laptops and chromebooks, keyboards and mice, computer speakers, tablets, cell phones, small scale servers, DVD, VHS and Blu-Ray players, VCRs and DVRs, satellite receivers, routers and modems, desktop printers and scanners, desktop fax machines, hard drives and flash drives. Only the items listed above will be accepted for recycling. The City will not be accepting any other electronic items during this collection.

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations will be transporting and recycling all materials collected at this event. Dynamic has stringent security measures to ensure any data on hard drives and other electronic devices will remain secure. Dynamic wipes all data from electronic devices and will be providing the City with a certificate of destruction and recycling.

Please enter the collection site via Wilson Ave W and remain in your car during the collection. Staff from the contracted vendor will safely unload your vehicle.

Several types of electronics are banned from landfill disposal in Wisconsin, including computers, TVs, cell phones, printers, DVD players and other video players and computer accessories. Many electronics, including TVs, cell phones and laptops, are made from valuable materials that can be reused through recycling. Some electronics can contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury that can contaminate the environment and be harmful to human health if not managed properly.

Questions regarding the collection event can be directed to Megen Hines, Environmental Program Coordinator at 715-232-2221 ext. 1005 or

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