Governor Evers’ Emergency Order #1, issued on July 30, instructed all Wisconsin residents to wear a face covering 
when in public or an enclosed space. Please see for more information on this. 
The mandate has generated some questions from the community that we would like to take some time to address. 

Though the numbers may appear to indicate that growth is slow in Dunn County, in reality, Dunn County is at a high 
activity level. This should be of top concern. If an outbreak and another large-scale shutdown were to occur, the 
economic results, among other things, could be catastrophic. Research overwhelmingly shows mask wearing to be 
effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19 for those around us and for the mask wearer as well. It is our hope that 
everyone who can wear a mask will commit to doing so willingly. By simply wearing a mask, we can help to keep our 
schools and businesses open and our community healthy.

Please keep these things in mind as we move forward:

-Wear your mask if you are indoors with others and while in public spaces, in accordance with Governor Evers’
statewide mask mandate.

-If someone is not wearing a mask, do not confront them. The Menomonie Police Department and other local law 
enforcement will continue to follow up on complaints of threatening behavior, harassment, trespassing or assault. In 
some situations, these infractions can result in fines or an arrest. If you witness disorderly, threatening, or harassing 
behavior please do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement. The Menomonie Police Department non-emergency 
number is 715-232-1283.

-If someone is not wearing a mask, assume that they have a medical reason not to wear one and remain 6 ft away. If 
there appears to be a high risk of disease spread from someone not wearing a mask and not keeping physical distance, 
contact the COVID Call Center at 715-831-7425.

- Please remember that businesses have the right to require masks on their premises. If you do not wish to wear a mask 
and as a result a business asks you to leave the premises, should you not comply you are considered to be trespassing 
on that property.
Locally, the Health Department will investigate significant complaints and consider enforcement action as it pertains to 
the State Order when necessary. In doing so, the Health Department works with individuals to promote education of best 
health practices and reach a mutual understanding.

Though the last few months have been unprecedented at best, the strength of the county and its residents continues to 
shine. We are grateful for your support and appreciate your commitment to keeping Dunn County safe, healthy and 

KT Gallagher 

Health Department Director

Erik M. Atkinson

Chief of Menomonie Police Department

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