On same day that Republicans embrace Trump as face of their party in 2018…

PCCC Backs Randy Bryce for Wisconsin’s 1st

Bold Progressives Will be the Face of 2018 Progressive Wave That Wins Democratic House Majority

PCCC Endorsements for Katie Porter (CA-45) & Andy Kim (NJ-3) Also Announced

Today, the million-member Progressive Change Campaign Committee is making its first U.S. House endorsements of the 2018 cycle, backing three authentic, inspiring, and bold progressive candidates: Randy Bryce (WI-1), Katie Porter (CA-45), and Andy Kim (NJ-3).

This endorsement comes on the same day that Donald Trump addresses Senate Republicans for the first time -- making clear that Republicans will embrace Trump as the face of their party in 2018.

“We’re endorsing Randy Bryce because he is an authentic, gut-level economic populist who is instinctively on the side of working people and will inspire voters,” said Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founder. “Randy’s experience as an ironworker, union leader, and cancer survivor gives him a unique perspective on what matters most to working families in southeast Wisconsin. Voters see him as authentic when he runs on bold issues like Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, and raising worker wages. As Republicans embrace Trump as the face of their party, we need inspiring progressives like Randy Bryce to be the face of the Democratic Party in order to take back the House in 2018.”

Bryce’s campaign to oust Paul Ryan has gone viral, raising him $1.5 million largely from small-dollar, grassroots donations.

“We are in a David vs. Goliath race here in Southeast Wisconsin, and need all the support we can get in the fight to next November. Having the PCCC and their army of progressives standing with us will be crucial to spreading the word to working men and women all over the United States,” said Randy Bryce (WI-1). “The PCCC has helped elect candidates at all levels of government, who stand for the same core values of economic populism, support for working families and a fair shot for all -- and with their backing we are stronger.”

Since 2009, the PCCC has raised over $25 million in online grassroots donations for progressive candidates and committees -- including over $1.17 million from over 70,000 small-dollar donations for Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate run.

"The Democratic Party is at a fork in the road. Some say the path to the House majority runs through Blue Dog Democrats who run like Republicans," said Adam Green, PCCC co-founder. "We believe Democrats will win the House majority if they field nominees who inspire people with a bold, progressive, populist message on issues like expanding Social Security and high wages."

Porter and Kim are also running against Republican incumbents who are vulnerable in 2018. Porter -- who the PCCC calls "California’s Elizabeth Warren" -- is taking on one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the House, Mimi Walters. Kim is running against Tom MacArthur, the man who led the House Obamacare repeal push with his MacArthur Amendment.

Last week, the PCCC hosted all three candidates together on a national conference call for its million members as part of its endorsement process. The candidates answered questions directly on issues like Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, the home foreclosure crisis and big banks, combating climate change, the future of work in an automation age, and more. Some excerpts from the call are below.

PCCC Member Testimonials from Last Week’s Member Call:

Theron Snell, Albuquerque, NM (formerly WI-1), on Bryce: “Bryce has a working class background and can see through Paul Ryan. I have already contributed. I used to live in the District;  Paul Ryan turned his back on the working class and middle class in the district, especially that part of it in urban Racine. The district NEEDS someone who will work for the people there and not just for the monied interests.”

Greg Winston, Green Valley, AZ, on Bryce: “Middle-class progressive, just what's needed in Wisconsin.”

Key Excerpts from Randy Bryce on Last Week’s Member Call:

Randy Bryce (WI-1): “The number one thing we have to do as progressives is to have a strong backbone and a loud voice. It’s very encouraging knowing that while I’m doing something on behalf of this congressional district, other congressional candidates are stepping up wherever they are. The PCCC, being involved with that amazing group, is getting us all connected, and that’s how we’re going to win this, by staying interconnected and lifting each other up.”

To a question about pipelines, Randy Bryce (WI-01) answered: “I personally know that the problem is that we are dependent on fossil fuels, which is why very early in the campaign I took a pledge to not take any money from the fossil fuel industry in addition to Wall Street. We need to look at alternative methods of fueling everything we have. That’s where the power is. And once we do that, we’re not going to need to have pipelines.”

More on other endorsed candidates:

Katie Porter (CA-45): Katie is the lead consumer watchdog in the state of California, as appointed by Kamala Harris. She has worked with Elizabeth Warren for 18 years, since she was a student in Warren's bankruptcy class. Katie and Senator Warren worked together to study families in bankruptcy and who were being cheated by banks, and have co-authored two books and testified side by side in Congress. She is someone who has been putting her activism for working families into practice for 20 years now.

Andy Kim (NJ-3): Andy Kim is a former Obama diplomat and Rhodes Scholar running for New Jersey’s Third District. Andy has an organizer’s instinct and a broad depth of knowledge having worked in advocacy for the homeless and as a strategic Pentagon advisor in the war against ISIS. Andy is running for Congress because he knows an economy that supports working families will help guarantee a stable and secure future.

Facts about the PCCC:

  • The PCCC endorses a select number of candidates each cycle. For top endorsed campaigns, the PCCC provides in-depth strategic support and resources -- including mobilizing a million PCCC members to donate and volunteer.

  • Since its founding in 2009, the PCCC has raised over $25 million for progressive candidates and committees -- including over $1.17 million from over 70,000 small-dollar donations for Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate run.

  • The PCCC has over 1 million members nationwide, including over 19,000 in Wisconsin.

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