Please excuse the sound quality on this recording. It is a continuing difficulty because the council is holding these meetings as a hybrid of a live meeting and sending it out on Zoom. Therefore there is echo very often due to sound from the PA system in the room bleeding through to the laptops.

Tonight's city council meeting will involve the following new business:

A. Review of vacant Ward #5 City Council position and process to consider replacement applicants discussion and possible motion of action

B. Special events requests from Downtown Menomonie, Inc. for Ladies Night Out, Rally in the Alley, and Wine Walk to be held in July & August – discussion and possible motion approving each event

All three of these events were denied a permit on a 5-5 vote, with Mayor Knaack voting against the events.  Jeff Luther, Eric Sutherland, Robin Sweeney, Nate Merrill and Chad Schlough voted for  the events, with Jan Traxler, Leland Schwebs, Mary Solberg, Ryland Erdman and Randy Sommerfeld voting against approving the permits. The events had planned to follow the advice of Dunn County Public Health Supervisor KT Gallagher, but the board was concerned that the events could help to spread the virus in the pandemic.




C. Special event request from Dunn County Historical Society for the Blue Caps Vintage Baseball event to be held at Phalen Park on August 1, 2020 – discussion and possible motion approving the event

The board approved the permit for the Blue Caps event. The consensus of the board was that these events drew a smaller number of people and would allow for better social distancing. There was a recommendation that the event should be limited to four teams, and that food should not be served.


D. Review of the Sewer Utility 2019 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report – discussion and possible resolution adoption

E. Proposed 3-3-3 ordinance amendment regarding the issuance of the operator’s license by the City Clerk - discussion and possible ordinance adoption

F. Budget Transfers

The Ward 5 seat on the city council continues to remain vacant after the resignation of Councilperson Faith Bullock. The council is still looking for candidates to be appointed. The seat is up for election in Spring 2021.

This meeting will be available via Zoom as outlined in the attached full agenda. We will attempt to record the meeting and make it available here tomorrow.

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