Holding online vote to raise up “People’s Champion”; take on Scott Walker’s agenda


MILWAUKEE -- The race for Wisconsin’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination is heating up and the field of candidates is full. The Wisconsin’s Choice campaign -- a joint project of Our Wisconsin Revolution and Wisconsin Working Families Party -- is helping voters by staging a series of votes to narrow the field and find a “People’s Champion” to take on Scott Walker. The first in the series of three votes starts on Monday. The campaign is founded on the notion that politics as usual are failing the people of our state, and that Wisconsinites deserve better.


In pursuit of the ultimate goal of restoring a government in Madison that represents the people, Wisconsin’s Choice has created a online platform for voters to learn about candidates and identify the leaders who share resident’s values and have a credible plan to bring change to the state. The site features a short video of each candidate and a questionnaire describing why they deserve the title of People’s Champion.


“The stakes in this campaign are high the working people of Wisconsin -- the future of education, healthcare, jobs, the environment, and other key issues that determine our quality of life,” said Aaron Shapiro, Wisconsin’s Choice campaign director. “Wisconsin’s Choice is helping narrow the field of candidates and determine who will fight for working families and defeat Scott Walker’s disastrous agenda.”


On Monday, April 16th, all residents of Wisconsin are invited to participate in Wisconsin’s Choice first round vote, narrowing the Democratic gubernatorial field to nine candidates. This will be the first vote of three, with the final vote coming in mid-July. Between each vote, there will be further opportunities for Wisconsinites to meet the candidates and discuss issues like a raising wages, protecting the environment, and access to quality healthcare.


This first vote comes at a key moment in Wisconsin state politics, and is an opportunity for voters to continue making their voices heard. On April 4th, Wisconsin voters sent a signal that they’re ready for change by electing candidates like Rebecca Dallet to the state Supreme Court and Steven Shea to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. Just earlier this week, Paul Ryan announced that he will not seek reelection in the face of an aggressive campaign challenge by WFP member Randy Bryce. In a time when the people of Wisconsin are pressuring elected officials for more accountability and bolder, populist policy agendas, Wisconsin’s Choice is providing the necessary structure for voters to influence the gubernatorial race.


The campaign launched in December of 2017. To date , Wisconsin’s Choice has hosted nine events across the state, bringing together more than 1,000 voters concerned about the future of the state with gubernatorial candidates. Voters are enthusiastic about opportunities to directly engage with the candidates, discuss their platforms, and talk about their needs and concerns. Wisconsin’s Choice is helping to drive the conversation among candidates in a crowded field, helping voters discern between candidates and decide who will be the right person to represent the people of Wisconsin as governor.

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