December 14, 2018

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Statement on the Governor’s Signing of Extraordinary Session Bills

MADISON, WI –The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has long held that the legislature

must be responsible to the citizens. Its leaders, committees, and members should represent the

state as a whole as well as their own districts. Legislators should not act in their own interest for

partisan gains and to retain power.

The sweeping bills Governor Walker signed today were introduced late on a Friday afternoon.

The authors of the legislation, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott

Fitzgerald, did not attend the public hearing the following Monday to answer questions about the

proposal, which were passed by both houses of the legislature in the wee hours of Wednesday

morning that same week.

Good legislation does not result from a rushed, secretive process with little opportunity for input

from the public. Such a process results in sloppy errors and wasted tax dollars. Moreover, it

reeks of a partisan power grab. Passing legislation shouldn’t be inside baseball. It should be an

open and accountable process when those in power are acting on behalf of the people they are


Wisconsinites across the political spectrum value fairness and upholding democratic

procedures. These bill and how they've been introduced and passed fly in the face of these


We are disappointed that Governor Walker signed these mean-spirited bills which will not afford

his newly elected successor, Governor-elect Tony Evers, the same authority that he has

exercised for eight years, including one he exercised within this past week to solidify the

Kimberly Clark deal.

The people of Wisconsin are not well served by partisan shenanigans. We expect our state

leaders to work together to serve the people of Wisconsin. It is time to put aside partisanship

and start governing.

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Steve Hanson

Steve is a web designer and recently retired from running the hosting and development company Cruiskeen Consulting LLC. Cruiskeen Consulting LLC is the parent company of Wis.Community, and publication of this site continues after his retirement.

Steve is a member of LION Publishers and the Local Media Consortium, is active in Health Dunn Right, and is vice-president of the League of Women Voters of the greater Chippewa Valley

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