With just a few weeks until the first of several important statewide elections this year, the Wisconsin Senate just voted 18 – 12, along party lines, to fire the administrator of Wisconsin's Elections Commission, Michael Haas.

What would you think if you read about this happening in another country? It sounds reckless and suspicious.

Senate leaders have made their move, but ultimately, Wisconsin voters have the final say. If the state Senate's interference in a nonpartisan agency worries you, please make a commitment to take action.

1. Vote in every election.

  • Vote February 20 in Wisconsin's spring primary
  • Vote April 3 in Wisconsin's spring election
  • Vote August 14 in the statewide primary
  • Vote November 6 in the general election

2. Share with others why these elections matter.

  • The election on April 3 will decide who gets a seat on Wisconsin's state supreme court. In recent years, our state's high court has proven increasingly hostile to civil rights and civil liberties, and this election provides the best chance in years to stop this trend.
  • The election on November 6 will choose Wisconsin's governor, half the members of the state Senate, all members of the state Assembly, Wisconsin's entire delegation to the US House of Representatives, and a US Senator.

3. Learn how you can overcome Wisconsin's Voter ID law which has put obstacles between voters and the polls.

  • Register to vote online and find your polling place at: myvote.wi.gov
  • Find out which forms of ID you can use to vote at: bringitwisconsin.com
  • If you need help getting an ID or getting to the DMV, or want to learn how to help others exercise their voting rights too, call the ACLU's Voting Rights Project for free voter assistance at 608-285-2141.
  • To join the effort to get every voter in Wisconsin the ID they need to vote, sign up at peoplepower.org for an event near you.

As a nonpartisan organization, the ACLU won't tell you which candidates to vote for. But we work every day to make sure you can exercise your right to vote. Please use that right, in every election. And please share this information with friends and family who care about the future of our state and our country.


Chris Ott
Executive Director

ACLU of Wisconsin

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Steve Hanson

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Steve is a member of LION Publishers and the Local Media Consortium, is active in Health Dunn Right, and is vice-president of the League of Women Voters of the greater Chippewa Valley

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